/The best unusual activities and casino games in hotels in Virginia
George Washington's Mount Vernon

The best unusual activities and casino games in hotels in Virginia

Virginia presents itself as one of the most exciting travel destinations in the United States. A multitude of choices are available to you, and sometimes there is a terrible lack of time. These include admiring the dazzling beauty of nature, seeing places full of history, tasting local products and wine, among others. Discover here the unusual activities and casino games offered by hotels in the state of Virginia.

The most famous hotels with casino games in Virginia

The Wheeling Island Racetrack and Gaming Center is at the top of the podium in West Virginia. All of the casino games offered at this hotel are exciting. This is followed by The Casino Club in Greenbrier with its stunning casino and beautiful resort. Blackjack is particularly popular and appreciated by the big players in this hotel.

The Hollywood Casino in Charlestown Races offers a multitude of casino games. On the other hand, fans are advised against high horse racing as it seems to be a popular option for most locals and tourists alike. However, the hotel does offer other entertainment such as live music to captivate its guests.

Finally, the Mountaineer Casino has an extraordinary spa, gourmet food, casino games more centred on a mountain of slot machines and table games accompanied by friendly and welcoming concessionaires.

5 must-do activities in the State of Virginia

The locals are particularly fond of their town, hence the famous name “Lovers’ State”. The city is full of many captivating stories, especially love stories. Discover the rather unusual, but unmissable activities of the State of Virginia :

Arlington National Cemetery

This cemetery marks not only the state of Virginia, but all of America. It is meant for the men and women who have served the nation. This site was established during the Civil War, and in praise of the victims through its memorials.

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Steven F.

This site impresses tourists with its immeasurable size. The Smithsonian museum houses 60,000 exceptional aeroplanes and cosmic devices on an estimated area of 566 m3. The assortment of accessories related to the adventures of airspace captivates the attention, from engines to spacesuits and rockets.

Virginia Beach Boardwalk

This Virginia institution is highly acclaimed for its 11-ton bronze statue representing Neptune. The waterfront gives visitors the opportunity to take a sunset stroll, as well as skates and rollerblades. The place also offers a multitude of night-time entertainment. There is no shortage of restaurants and shops.

Shenandoah National Park

The vast expanse of this national park requires the use of a vehicle. The 175-kilometre drive gives you the opportunity to marvel at the views of the mountains and valleys and the rare wilderness of the Blues Ridge Mountains. The trip can be accompanied by a few photo breaks, picnicking, cycling or fishing.

George Washington’s Mount Vernon Residence

This property on the banks of the Potomac River allows you to discover the tumultuous life of a decorated general who became the first president of the United States. George and Martha’s gardens are exceptional, especially the distillery.

Come to think of it, the State of Virginia maintains its reputation as the largest and most flourishing colony in the United States. There is no shortage of fun in the hotels where you will be staying, as well as outside the hotel. The national parks keep their promise, as do the monuments and shopping.