/Wheeling Island Hotel Casino Racetrack, the best hotel with casino in Virginia
Wheeling Island Hotel Casino Racetrack

Wheeling Island Hotel Casino Racetrack, the best hotel with casino in Virginia

Virginia rigorously maintains its reputation as the most successful state in the United States. The state has a number of hotels of all types to accommodate tourists who flock to Virginia year-round. The Wheeling Island Hotel Casino Racetrack is one of the hotels filled with history in the area. This article is about this iconic hotel.

About the Wheeling Island Hotel Casino Racetrack

The Wheeling Island Hotel Casino Racetrack represents a positive energy for the city of Wheeling, West Virginia. The site was used as a racetrack before the Civil War. And now it is a popular destination for tourists because of the wide range of tourist activities and entertainment it offers in West Virginia. Wheeling Island has an abundance of American history.

At its roots, the facility served as a thoroughbred and harness racing venue in the 1866s. Later, Wheeling Island expanded its operations by building a lavish full-service hotel with a banquet centre, several restaurants, several video lottery terminals, table games, and more. All these activities make the emblematic Wheeling Island Hotel Casino Racetrack famous.

The location of Wheeling Island is very extensive, and one of its many advantages is its location :

  • A 151-room luxury hotel;
  • 1100 slot machines;
  • A 1000 seat showroom;
  • Meeting and banqueting facilities;
  • Sophisticated and casual restaurants;
  • A food court;
  • A gift shop;
  • 2800 parking spaces with 220 places.

Wheeling Island Hotel Casino Racetrack Casino Games

Wheeling Feeling maintains its reputation throughout West Virginia with the hottest slots in the region. The Wheeling Island Hotel’s game room is filled with a multitude of equally exciting entertainment. Aside from the slots, there are also your favorite table games like Craps, Blackjack or better yet, Roulette.

Slot machine

Wheeling Island Hotel Casino offers its guests over 100 of the most popular gaming titles from around the world. More than 1100 slot machines are available on site for the enjoyment of avid gamblers. As mentioned above, the slot machines are the hottest in West Virginia.

For thrill seekers, the Wheeling Island Hotel Casino Racetrack offers a room called “High Limit” with over 47 slot machines. Winnings can go beyond the 9,999 cloud. The room offers guests a smoking and non-smoking section.

Table Games

Wheeling Island’s table games captivate new recruits as well as seasoned veterans. It’s easy to enjoy the great West Virginia area table game action at Wheeling. Proven favorites such as Craps, Blackjack and Roulette are not lacking. Poker enthusiasts will also be served on a silver platter with a state-of-the-art room. In fact, the venue has the best experience of this ultimate game in the Ohio Valley region.

Game room rules and regulations

Wheeling Island Hotel Casino Racetrack maintains its status as the best gaming venue in the region with its inescapable rules, especially regarding the age of its players. Players must be at least 21 years of age before they can enter the casino. The hotel encourages its guests to gamble responsibly and within these limits. In the event that a player exceeds the permitted limit, assistance is available on site.